Cosas en camino

There are a couple of scholarships & assistantships offered through the Graduate department at the Madrid campus of Saint Louis University. I wasn’t awarded the Loyola Scholarship, however I submitted the application for the Manresa Assistantship last night. This assistantship would be so amazing to have! Not only does it offer 85€/credit, but the positions I could potentially be placed into would be just fabulous! There are quite a few amazing avenues in this assistantship:

  • English Writing Center
  • Spanish Tutoring Center
  • ESL Community Program
  • Language Exchange Program
  • Language & Literatures Division Research
  • Academic Editing

I am specifically drawn to the Spanish Tutoring, Language Exchange and Language & Literature Division Research paths. Not only would it of course be great to have this financial support for my graduate studies, but I’d love to work in one of these divisions. These are avocations that I am already enthralled with and, I think, I do well. I’d love to work inside of the University, in these departments and get to help coach, guide, and support other students’ endeavors with their quest of foreign language acquisition and global knowledge.

Of course since I am not enrolling until January of 2015, and this application isn’t due until Sept 1st, I will have to wait and be patient to hear back about the status. I am always so eager, and perhaps in an annoying way to some. I always want to know everything, and do as much as I can.

As a future Spanish professor and someone who is completely passionate about learning and teaching Spanish, and advocating for learning other languages, researching about languages and so forth, I so terribly want one of these positions. I love my hours volunteering at the library for Practiquemos Español, and when I get the opportunity to meet one-on-one to practice Spanish I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to hear back! 🙂

There is this book which I’m completely obsessed with, The Story of Spanish. It covers the history of the Spanish language, since basically the beginning of time and continues with the history of the language alongside human history, of course, and it’s so fascinating. It’s full of etymology and connecting roots of Latin, Italian, Spanish, Basque, etc. I pick it up less often than I’d like, but I do grab a couple of interesting facts every so often. It’s interesting for learners of the Spanish language, linguists, and historians.

Currently on the Spanish reading shelf of half-read books are a collection of stories by Jorge Luis Borges and Once Minutos by Paulo Coelho. Next, I will attack a Gabriel García Marquez book. Not sure which one, any ideas?

Oh, cómo me encantaría hacer el camino de Santiago mientras estoy en España. Tengo tantos sueños de cosas quiero hacer y lograr durante mi tiempo en España. Si, por supuesto obtener el Máster es mi meta primera, pero no puedo ayudarme tener otras metas de cosas fascinantes ver, saber y aprender: visitar mi amiga Dori en Hungría y ir a Croacia y Grecia…

Para Hacer

The “to-do” list.

While we can pull knowledge from past experiences and inquire with others who’ve experienced the same, each act we participate in is going to be slightly different than the previous one. I’m extremely happy and grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had in my life and very happy to know I have a great support system and network of people to aid me with my questions and help guide me in the unknown.

1. Choose a school, study for GRE’s, take GRE’s, write research paper, write personal statement, get letters of recommendation together, pay app fee, submit app, do phone interview, get accepted! Check! (March 2013 – March 2014).

2. Accept admission, provide confirmation letter, submit 200€ confirmation fee. Check!

The next items on the to-do list will have to be attacked concurrently as they will all need to fall in to place around the same time. Currently I am,

3. saving for plane ticket
4. budgeting & planning for financing
5. debating getting a part-time job to incur more of a safety savings for while I’m abroad
6. Attacking the student Visa!
7. Registering for courses will come next

Number 6, is the most lengthy of all. Fortunately, this will be my third Visa that I have had to obtain for Spain. I only say this because I know of the tedious work it requires, the money, patience, and pure detail-oriented diligence required to fulfill this requirement. Although these things are forever changing their requirements and it can be quite time-consuming and trying to find answers regarding this particular process.

1st – Fingerprints ($9.95). Fingerprints are for the Background check with the Apostille of the Hague. The Background check with the Apostille is required for the Visa. Fingerprint appt has been made for next Tuesday. Here we go!

I got my fingerprints done yesterday. Now I need to wait until about June or July to submit them for the Background check. The University has told me that the Background Check is only valid for 3 months so I need to wait a little bit to get it otherwise it will expire by the time I obtain my Visa. which is fine, I can relax a little on this and work more towards scholarships, loans & financing. The fingerprint appt was easy peasy! Just up early, drove over to medium North 360 and was in and out in about 5 minutes. It pays off for sure make 8:30am appointments! Then you start the tone of the whole day and you decide if it’s a day they fall behind on appointments or stay on top of them :p