2007 > 2014

The first time I went to Spain I had a flip phone, a Dell Inspiron 1000, a $900 Victoria Secret bill and a basic understanding of the Spanish language. Sure, I was a Spanish major and had been studying it for 8 years, but I was not prepared for what lay ahead of me.

The second time I went to Spain I had newer flip phone (still no smart phone), a 2007 Apple MacBook (Core 2 Duo), a $1,100 Victoria Secret bill, and a degree in Spanish. I made €700 Euros a month and spent the year lavishing living on the beach, traveling and educating locals on my take of the English language and American culture.

I’ll take off for my third venture to España in 14 days and this time I’m so maturely taking an iPhone 5C, 2014 MacBook Air, a $0 Victoria Secret bill, 15 years of Spanish studying experience, and an attitude that won’t quit. I’ll spend the next two years studying, reading, learning, observing, writing, laughing and balancing my aliases, Lily and…Liliana?

From a tech Startup Incubator, daily immersed in a racing world of technology, placed in an electric, buzzing city growing faster than HCI Group   or Crab Grass, I will board a Boeing 737 to travel 5,098 miles in just about 8 hours to a city hundreds of years old, with, sadly, a reverse economy, that may move just a little bit slower…..I honestly, can’t wait!