Spanish in St Louis?

I’m going back to finish my degree. 2 years later, I’m diving back into Academia and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The emails are rolling in about Graduate Assistant Orientation, Financial Aid refunds, and health insurance cards are being mailed to my “permanent address”. I’m totally nerding out on reading professor CVs, pre-ordering my text books, brushing up on my teaching skills, emailing introductions to my professors, and doing what I can to completely submerge my brain in Spanish.

I’ve been conversing over coffee and breakfast with my Peruvian friend, chateando my Spanish speaking husband, reading Spanish books, following Spanish social media, and watching Spanish movies and silly TV Shows on Netflix (i.e. Club de Cuervos & Chicas Del Cable). I’m about to finish The Story of Spanish (only took me about 8 years) and I’m on page 61 of Biografía de un cimarrón. Biografía de un cimarrón is required reading for a course I’m taking called The African Experience in Spanish America. It’s going to be muy duro.

De hecho, last night I watched “Palmeras en la nieve“. This movie is a Spanish romantic drama which jumps back and forth between modern day Northern Spain and the 1950s in Equatorial Guinea. I found it to be helpful for not only language, but a portion of Spanish imperialism history.

This fall I’ve been awarded a Graduate Assistantship to teach SPAN 1010. I couldn’t be more excited to be back in the classroom! In regards to courses, I’ve enrolled in The African Experience in Spanish America, Counter Hegemony Discourses and an Independent Study, of which the details will be confirmed in a few weeks. These are my final courses for my degree. In the Spring I will teach 2 courses, read and study for final exams!

On August 15th, we begin the grand adventure of moving to St. Louis, Missouri! Tomorrow, I get new tires and align the wheels on SuperBlack 2.0 (my faithful black Honda Accord).