15 de noviembre: Join us in celebrating & fundraising!

While I will be using financial aid and borrowing the majority of my finances for my Graduate school experience, of course having additional monetary support other than what I have been awarded through Financial Aid would help make my trip abroad easier, more comfortable and give me the ability to explore more of my favorite part of the world. I would like to ask for any support, both financial and both human support (you know, the emotional stuff ;p).

If you are unable to attend the gathering and would like to make a donation to me earning my Master of Arts in Spanish and move forward with professional dreams, you can do so through: http://tilt.tc/wu2b Of course there are no expectations and no obligations. I am excited and happy and ready to do this!

Join us in celebrating in person! On November 15th, my Aunt is hosting a fundraiser with lots of food and music to help grow my Spain savings account. The details following. If you, as friends or family, would like to come, please message me for the address. Details are below.

Lily is off to Graduate School in Spain! Please join us (her family) in celebrating!

At Aunt Patricia’s house in Buda. Email Lily directly for her address.

This is a Fundraiser to help Lily get settled in Spain!

Ten Bucks (cash) gets you:

  • Live Music (when the musicians are there)
  • A choice of one of the following:
    • Brisket, potato salad and beans w/ des- sert and drink
    • Salmon, wild rice, green salad, dessert, and drink (for those non-Texans)
    • Egg plant, green salad, rice, basically a non meat plate but with dessert and a drink (for those really not from Texas)*And the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping out a college student