Support & Thanks



When someone says they are “honored” to send you financial support that feels like one of the best compliments in the world. These types of phrases aren’t just handed out by the dozens. People don’t say things like this or provide support like this unless they definitely think so and really truly believe in you. With a response such as this one I couldn’t help but charge forward more. Of course I sat and took a moment of silence to say a silent thank you prayer first, but then the next step was a large lurch forward in attacking what I want and having some help doing it along the way.

To have this support right at the beginning of this endeavor makes me feel like a super hero! People believe in me and know that I can. The support of believing, knowing, never doubting and loving. Never underestimate what this can do to another person 🙂

What a word! Dreams, they are there. Everyone has dreams, whether they are the kind that occur in the dark night hours and are forgotten by morning, or those that permanently camp out in your mind and you take them with you through every moment of every day. I’ve never received a check written out for “dreams” before. I’ve been fortunate, so very fortunate and humbled by the amazing community of family, friends & colleagues in my life to have received many life provisions from many, many, wonderful people and this is no exception. However, when I write checks, in the memo or “for” section, rather, I put things like “food”, or sad faces (because I only write checks at the end of the month right before pay day when I’m waiting for the direct deposit to hit in 36.5 hours, as I know we can all understand). In the memo I put things like account numbers for medical bills or I’ve also been known to write a joke in the memo of a check. To have something like this sent to me and to be made out to be spent on “Dreams” made me feel again, excitement to bounce aboard and do great things and also be quiet & still and just be. Just be and say Thank You and really truly, feel quiet gratitude.FullSizeRender



The list of people (the why will follow & the list will grow):

    • Bas
    • Mr. Bailey
    • Linda Muñoz
    • Dr. Jaffee
    • Isabel
    • Elisa
    • Carlos Estrada
    • Margaret
    • Diego Rodrigo-Vila Ibáñez
    • <Louie3
    • Mom
    • Brent Hunter
    • My two Grandpa’s (& my two Grandma’s who I know are rooting for me)
    • Aunt Laura
    • Aunt Myndi
    • Eugene Kozlowski (Professor of Spanish at Metropolitan State University of Denver), for supporting my love of Spanish & sharing great music with me: Leonard Cohen, “Dance me to the end of love”, and Pasión Vega, “Como te extraño”.
    • Kathrine Glass
    • Marta
    • Patricia Rossi
    • Jeanne Wilson
    • Hilary Kuhlmey
    • Deleep Kuragayala (aka. DK Frost)
    • Tom Parker
    • Friends at Water2Wine
    • Jocelyn Hartwell
    • Brittany Kennedy
    • Husayn Alvarez-Gomariz
    • Mikey Trafton
    • David Altounian
    • Jonathan Coon
    • Mellie Price
    • Bill Boebel
    • Eugene Sepulveda
    • Gordon Daugherty
    • Ian Clarke
    • Joshua Kerr
    • John Eitel
    • Don Craven
    • Blake Garrett
    • Johannes Larcher
    • Rudy Prince
    • Bart Robertson
    • Sarah Cox
    • Andy Fletcher
    • Chris Latzko
    • Jeff Burke
    • Melanie Weinberger
    • Ashton Brown
    • Eric Blount
    • Charlie Nowacek
    • Jessica Rangel
    • Amber Graner
    • Jeremy Luby
    • Zack Angelo
    • Steven Knapp
    • Teal Shalek
    • Natalie Moorek
    • J. Kyle Fagan
    • Andy Smith
    • Juan Gonzalez
    • Carol McCall
    • Lee McNiel
    • Stephen Straus
    • Istvan Kissaroslaki
    • Vitorio Miliano
    • Rob Eanes
    • Cameron Houser
    • Lester Gordon
    • David Spear
    • Emiliano Villarreal
    • Praneeth Patlola
    • Tony Aguilar
    • JD Weinstein
    • Erik Dahlman
    • Juliana Hoyos
    • Riane Cretney
    • Nicole Brooks
    • Liz Zenchenko
    • Mark Frates
    • Justin Gargiulo
    • Nate McGuire
    • Andrew Marcus
    • Paul Murphy
    • John Kucera
    • Lyle Pratt
    • Sanjay Mishra
    • Maia Donahue
    • Lander Coronado-Garcia
    • Dan DeFelippi
    • Vanessa Reeves
    • Great Uncle Dick
    • Esteban Lardone
    • Nate Ford
    • Mis Suegros Alarcón
    • Emily Berry
    • Juanita Milyasaki 

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